Wedding Registry Guide

Wedding Registry Guide Advice

When it comes to planning a wedding, the list of “To Do’s” seems endless. Finding the time to get everything done, in addition to creating a registry, is a bit overwhelming. Sure, it would be easy to run to your favorite store with scanner in hand and simply click on anything that’s visually appealing. However, you don’t want to end up with a bunch of random products you don’t love or have no use for. Let’s be honest, it’s not every day you’re presented with the opportunity to create a list of items to begin this new chapter of your life with. The chance will only come once in a lifetime, and as such, you should do your research!

There are a few key things to remember when registering:

– Determine what’s important to you and your spouse

– Choose items that are well made and from a reliable manufacturer

– Do research on all items and read customer reviews

– Choose items with neutral color palettes

– Invest in high dollar items that will last a lifetime

James and I did a lot of research when it came to registering. Now that we’ve had the chance to use almost everything we received, I’d like to share some of our favorites and recommendations. Click on the red links below to be directed to the products featured.

James and I are avid travelers, so having nice luggage was a must. It was time to stop borrowing our parent’s suitcases and get our own set of travel gear. We chose to register for suitcases from the Victorinox Spectra Hardside collection. They look sharp and are extremely durable, ultra lightweight and super easy to roll through the airport. We chose the 32” suitcase and 21” carry on in Black. We were very hesitant about spending such an exorbitant amount of money on luggage but have been super happy we did. We have already used the suitcases so much since receiving them. Our favorite features are the sleek design and their ability to maneuver and glide around so effortlessly. The carry-on piece has turned out to be a great option for long weekend traveling as well.
Comfortable bedding was important for James and I. There is nothing like coming home to the comfort of your own bed and it was my mission to make ours as cozy as possible. We decided on Siberian down from The Hotel Collection for our comforter and pillows. For our comforter, we chose the light weight option. James tends to run warm, so this particular weight worked best for us. It provides just enough warmth, but not so much that you’re sweating under the sheets. For pillows, we chose the firm option in both standard and king sizes. We also decided on a down alternative mattress topper. We chose fiberfill rather than down, assuming that down alternative option would be cooler and easier to wash. Sleeping in bed now feels like floating on clouds – mission accomplished!
Someone once told me that you can’t have enough white towels and they were exactly right. There is nothing quite like a nice, warm, plush, white towel. White towels should always be stocked in the closet, whether for you or for your guests. True white is definitely the best option for color, as they will match any décor and can be bleached when necessary. We chose our white towels from the Ralph Lauren Palmer collection. They were the thickest and fluffiest towels we came across during our search. They also come in a variety of sizes – with the largest being 72” by 35” – perfect for my tall husband!
Wedding Registry Guide Advice


Slow Cooker: All-Clad / Mixing Bowls: Martha Stewart / Dutch Oven: Le Creuset / Round Skillet: Le Creuset / Grill Skillet: Le Creuset / Stainless Cookware: All-Clad / Knives: Global

Cooking is one of our favorite things to do together. Whether for ourselves or for our friends and family, we love coming up with new concoctions in the kitchen. Deciding on cookware was one of the most difficult decisions we made. The best advice we got was to diversify our cookware. Rather than buying a full stainless set or a full cast-iron set, we got a few pieces from each. To meet the demands of everyday cooking, we chose our pots and pans from the All-Clad d5 Stainless Steel line. This included basic saucepans, fry pans, sauté pans and stock pots. We also opted for the All-Cad extra-large flared roaster. The size is perfect and is large enough to accommodate a full rack of ribs or a very large turkey on Thanksgiving. We also chose All-Clad when picking out our slow cooker. James and I rely on a slow cooker for lazy dinners, especially in the winter. I feel like you can cook almost anything in a slow cooker! We liked this one because of the ceramic insert, which was surprisingly hard to find. Many other brands offer non-stick options, where you run the risk of having the coating peel off

When it came to adding a few additional pieces to our cookware collection, we decided to go with the Le Creuset brand. Some food just begs to be cooked in a cast iron pot or skillet. Our favorite items from this collection were the round skillet, the round Dutch oven and the square grill pan & press set. It seemed like these three items could handle the majority of our cast iron cooking needs. Red is one of my favorite colors, so it was only fitting to chose that color enamel. I would suggest choosing a color that Le Creuset makes consistently so that you can add to your collection down the road.

James took charge in the cutlery department. He previously owned a Global chef knife that we both loved. We decided to stick with this brand based on ease of use and great results. To have knives that cut smoothly and cleanly makes all the difference in the world. I never understood the significance of quality knives until actually owning Global cutlery. I highly recommend you invest in this brand if you are serious about cooking! We registered for several more knife styles including the utility knife, slicing knife, bread knife, vegetable knife and smaller chef’s knife.

For everyday mixing bowls, we chose a non-skid option from the Martha Stewart Collection. These mixing bowls are awesome. Not only do they feature a silicone base to prevent skidding on the countertop, they also have measurement markings labeled inside the bowl and pour spouts.

TIP: Something to keep in mind about many of these brands? They often will offer “Gift with Purchase” and/or “Bonus Registry Gifts” based on the amount of product purchased off your registry. Weeks after the wedding, we received a monogramed fry pan from All-Clad, a paring knife from Global, and mini-cocotte gift set from Le Creuset – all for FREE!


Registry Guide Part 4

Bakeware: Williams Sonoma / Cupcake Carrier: Martha Stewart / Batter Dispenser: Martha Stewart / Stand Mixer: KitchenAid / Immersion Blender: KitchenAid / Containers: OXO

It seems to be a staple on everyone’s registry, but the KitchenAid Stand Mixer is a kitchen must have for all bakers! I went back and forth between the Standard 5 Qt. and the Professional 6 Qt. mixers. After speaking with friends and reading reiviews, I decided that the professional mixer was the way to go. It seemed to be more durable and better equipped for a larger range of baking needs. For smaller mixing jobs, we opted for the KitchenAid Pro Immersion Blender. Some cool features include its cordless design and slew of interchangeable attachments allowing you to mix, blend, whisk, beat, froth, shred, chop, liquefy and crush all with this one device!

For our bakeware, I chose the Williams Sonoma Goldtouch series. Upon first discovering this line, I was immediately attracted to the color. Furthermore, I found that its unique Goldtouch dual-layer nonstick coating offers excellent performance and easy cleaning! The reviews for this bakeware were through the roof. All things considered, it was an easy decision for me. Under the assumption this bakeware will last me forever, I purchased at least one of every item I could think of – cupcake trays, pie pan, cake pans, loaf pans, spring form pan, cookie sheets, drying racks, etc.

I was not very familiar with batter dispensers prior to creating my registry. Upon discovering them, one thing came to mind – cupcakes! I had been searching for a drip-free solution when adding batter to my cupcake trays. While the product does not claim to solve this problem,  I tested it out for this purpose and it happens to work perfectly. I’ve been told it works great for making pancakes as well.

Where should you store all those yummy baked goods? In OXO Pop Containers! These are a great addition to your pantry as they keep your food fresh and sealed tight. I also love the rectangular design which is perfect for storage and space optimization. Another plus – they are BPA free!!! If you’re baking for an event or function outside the house, you’ll need a reliable carrier for your baked goods. I chose the Martha Stewart collapsible carrier. The best feature of this device is its ability to hold 24 cupcakes or a tall cake. I’m a sucker for two in one products!

Wedding Registry Guide Advice Dinnerware: The Cellar / Marble Cheese Board: Williams Sonoma/ Rectangular Platter: Maison Versailles / Drinking Glasses: Crate & Barrel /  Stemware: Williams Sonoma / Appetizer Plates: Maison Versailles

Dinnerware and serving pieces were the most fun things to register for. James and I absolutely LOVE to entertain. However, I was never interested in investing in fine china. While some patterns I’ve seen are stunning, it just doesn’t seem practical to spend so much on lavish dinnerware. Not to mention, having to choose only one pattern among all the designs available seemed like a daunting task. I chose to keep things easy and instead invested in affordable whiteware. What’s best about whiteware is its flexibility and versatility. It’s casual enough for everyday meals but can be easily dressed up for special occasions. Also, there is something about having a meal served on a crisp, clean, white plate – it is the perfect way to present food in my opinion. Years ago, I bought a full set of plates from The Cellar in the round rimmed style. I was very sad to see they discontinued the line. The round plates Macy’s has now are much more lightweight and smaller in circumference. That being said, all other pieces in the collection seem to the same. The best thing about The Cellar dinnerware is its durability. I’ve had these plates for 8 years and have never chipped or cracked one. They are by far the most heavy-duty plates I’ve ever come across.  They are prefect for everyday use. Since we already owned one set of round dishes, we decided to register for the square style. Considering how durable and affordable they are, I couldn’t see a reason not to get a second set.

Another thing that’s great about whiteware is the ability to incorporate other styles and designs into your set. Whether you add some unique serving pieces or complimentary salad plates, you have a lot of flexibility when working with a neutral base. I chose to mix pieces from the Maison Versailles collection, which is whiteware featuring details of embossed vines, graceful beading and delicate scalloped edges. This French Country inspired collection blends seamlessly with The Cellar collection. It’s a fun option for when I want to switch things up. I registered for the small appetizer plates and some larger serving dishes.  There is one thing to keep in mind with these – they are made of earthenware not porcelain and therefore are not as durable as The Cellar dishes. Be mindful when using them and be sure to always wash by hand.

I can’t get enough of white marble these days. When it came to adding to our entertaining essentials, we elected to register for some white marble serving pieces.  The round marble cheese plate we were gifted is our favorite! Its a thick, heavy piece of marble that looks amazing, regardless of what’s being served on it.

I have always admired stemware that features very long stems. Yet finding glasses with this characteristic was a challenge. Our first thought was to go with Riedel, but we weren’t wild about any of the styles they offered. Thankfully, we ended up stumbling upon Williams Sonoma Reserve stemware. The long slender stems on these glasses make them easy to hold while still looking elegant. They have a stunning silhouette and look amazing on a set table! When it comes to drinking wine, James and I typically prefer Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, so we opted for those two styles. We chose WS Reserve brand for our Champagne glasses as well.

For everyday drinking glasses, we wanted something large and sturdy. We found the perfect option at Crate & Barrel. The Dylan highball is a 17 oz. clear drinking glass. Its thick walls make it hefty yet attractive choice.

Wedding Registry Guide Advice
Espresso Cups: Nespresso / Electric Tea Kettle: Capresso / Expresso Machine: Nespresso / Cake Stand: The Cellar / Frother: Nespresso

Espresso is an essential part of our everyday routine, thanks to our espresso maker by Nespresso. This product brews delicious tasting espresso in less than 30 seconds. Its small and sleek design is unobtrusive, not taking up much counter space. The perfect accompaniment to this brewer is the Nespresso Aeroccino milk frother. With the touch of a button, this machine will froth milk to be used in your cappuccinos and lattes. Aside from daily use, these two products allow us to offer our company a variety of caffeinated beverages when entertaining.

The espresso cup and saucer style we liked best is called the Verge from Crate & Barrel. The main reason we chose this style was due to the cup size, which allows room for a single or double shot of espresso. Many other styles we looked at were sized for single shot servings.

Electric tea kettles are the way to go for tea drinkers. They are safer and more efficient than standard tea kettles. They also heat much faster and shut off automatically once the water comes to a boil. The best feature of this tea kettle is its glass structure, making it BPA free. Many electric tea kettles heat the water in a plastic receptacle – even if the outside of the kettle appears to be a different material.

When purchasing my cake stand, I went back to my trusted brand The Cellar. I chose a stand that consists of three tiers of clear glass. What’s best about this particular item is that the tiers can be used separately or stacked. I like having this flexibility depending on the type of desert I have to display.

For all the newly engaged couples, I hope that you will find this Wedding Registry Guide helpful when creating yours. For all others, do you have any more suggestions?



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