Cardigan: Forever 21 | Top: Vince Camuto | Denim: Madewell | Backpack: Osgood Marley | Shoes: Merona | Sunglasses: DIFF

Backpacks are back! I’ll admit it… I’m a little late to the backpack game. I spent the last year browsing lots of options but never actually making a purchase. I absolutely love this style bag, but always wondered how to style it without looking like a college student. I was determined to make the backpack trend work with my wardrobe so I set some guidelines for myself – things to consider when searching for the perfect backpack. I ended up finding one that I absolutely LOVE! It’s proven to be the most practical way to carry around my stuff and I’ve had so much fun styling it for fall!

Here are my rules for buying and styling a backpack, hopefully they will help you too!

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