History of the Bean Boot

History of the Bean Boot

Shirt: J. Crew | Denim:  A Gold E  | Boots: L.L. Bean  | Socks: L.L. Bean  | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

Can you believe L.L. Bean has been making their infamous bean boots for over 100 years??? It wasn’t until the past 5 years or so that the bean boot became trendy. Until then, the duck boot was sold primarily to campers, hunters and other “outdoorsmen”. The bean boot trend has cycled in and out of style over the past 100+ years – but one thing is for sure, they’re in style NOW and in HIGH demand. Today, this leather and rubber hunting boot is SO trendy that if you aren’t quick to scoop them up, its likely you’ll be waiting until the following year to get a pair. LL Bean’s iconic boot has completely sold out the past few years. Leaving many bean boot admirers on a waitlist – myself included.

The fashion industry has definitely played a huge role in the history of the bean boot and it’s popularity. Naturally, this lead to many other brands imitating the original product. But don’t be mistaken, they are NOT the same. There are a two main reasons you should ditch the cheap imitations and go for the originals: 1. The quality is unmatched. 2. They are made in the USA. All bean boots are made in America at LL Bean’s facility in Brunswick Maine with the utmost attention to quality. They are an American Company, making an American product, out of American sourced materials, in an American factory. Just a few of the many reasons I love L.L. Bean. All bean boots are made by expert shoe-makers and consist of their signature design – a soft leather upper and a waterproof rubber bottom. While some parts of the manufacturing process have changed over the past 100 years, the assembly and sewing is all still done by hand. L.L. Bean has resisted to export operations outside of America, which explains their struggle to keep up with demand. However despite the shortage each year, the bean boot still remains a sought after commodity and one of the most popular winter boot styles out there!

So that’s the history of the Bean Boot. If you’re ever in Maine, be sure to swing by the L.L. Bean flagship store located in Freeport. There is a HUGE bean boot (16 feet tall to be exact) that graces the entrance of the store – you can’t miss it. And don’t worry about what time you get there because they are open around the clock. As a matter of fact, the entrance is never locked. They “threw away the keys” in 1951 so they could be available to their loyal customers 24 hours a day.

The style I’m wearing is the 8” Bean Boot in Navy. These boots run large so size down. If you want to wear with light socks, order 1 size down. With heavy socks, order normal or half size down. I’m normally a size 7.5

History of the Bean BootHistory of the Bean BootHistory of the Bean BootHistory of the Bean BootHistory of the Bean BootHistory of the Bean Boot


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