Easy & Affordable False Lashes

Long, dark, full lashes. We all want them, so few have them. For those of you not blessed with naturally voluminous lashes, I’m sharing an EASY & AFFORDABLE way to achieve that full lash look! My secret??? I use single lashes. This technique is very similar to how professional eyelash extensions are applied. The solution is temporary, but works really well. I just use normal eyelash glue (rather than a permanent bonding agent) to apply single lashes – in the same manner extensions would be applied.

I put together a tutorial that outlines everything you need and provides step by step instructions on how to apply easy and affordable false lashes. If you’re more of a visual learner, I also included a video tutorial above! But first, here are a few reason why I prefer individual lashes over strip lashes.


When you’re using single lashes you have the power to decide how long and/or full you want your lashes to look. You can apply as few or as many as you want depending on your mood and the occasion! You can also purchase different length lashes for some variety – they come in short, medium and long lengths.


Traditional strip lashes are uncomfortable and can often affect your vision. Single lashes are much lighter and sit on your lashes, rather than your lid. You won’t even know they’re on!


I’ve never been able to wear strip lashes for more than 1 day – one of the edges always starts to lift off my lid. When using single lashes, each one adheres to your natural lash and will stay there until you’re ready to remove them or they come in contact with water.


Easy & Affordable False Lashes


Short Lashes

Medium Lashes

Duo Lash Glue in Dark


Hand Mirror


Using this particular lash application technique, I always apply full eye makeup PRIOR to adding my lashes. Apply your shadow, liner and mascara. I recommend using naturally waterproof mascara because it makes the removal of your lashes much easier (see my video for more info.) The mascara I recommend is High Impact Curling Mascara by Clinique.


About 5 minutes before applying your lashes, squirt a dot of black glue on a tissue or paper towel. Let the glue dry for a few minutes before you start using it – this will allow the adhesive to get tacky which will help during the application process. I recommend using black glue (not clear) when applying single lashes so that it’s less noticeable when dry.


Use tweezers to grab a single lash. You want to grab as close to the curled end of the lash as possible. Carefully dip the other end in glue (you do not need much). Using your mirror in one hand, place the lash at your lash line directly on top of another lash. You should be able to just drop it into place without much effort (see my video for a tip.)

I recommend applying the short lashes first. Think of these as fillers – they won’t be much longer than your natural lash. Use them to fill in spaces and add volume. Then use the medium lashes to create additional volume and length! Use the medium length wherever you wish, depending on the look you’re going for. I prefer to use them towards the outer corners of my eyes to create a demi-lash look.

Keep applying lash by lash until you receive the desired length and fullness. The first few times you try this, the process may seem tedious. After your 3rd or 4th time it will become much easier and less time consuming – so don’t get discouraged!


Once you’re finished applying your lashes, give the glue a few minutes to dry. You can add an additional coat of mascara to help blend and create an even more dramatic look if you wish. Just be sure the glue is completely dry before taking this additional step.


These lashes are not permanent. The glue you’re using is a mild adhesive not created to withstand water or rubbing. As such, your lashes will only last a few days. As long as you’re careful in the shower and washing your face, they should stay intact for anywhere from 24-72 hours (just be careful sleeping on them!)


As recommended earlier in this tutorial, mascara should be applied prior to lash application. This allows the glue to adhere to your mascara, rather than your naked lash. Therefore the lashes should come off easily when you remove your mascara. I also recommended using NATURALLY waterproof mascara that is designed to be rubbed off in clumps using warm water. It comes off very easily and your false lashes will fall right off with it.

Easy & Affordable False LashesEasy & Affordable False Lashes Easy & Affordable False Lashes


Easy & Affordable False Lashes



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