I live in a condo – a small condo. I love my home but it’s a place that my husband and I are quickly outgrowing. I’m always craving more space especially around the holidays – mainly for decorating and entertaining. Hopefully next year we’ll have a home to celebrate Christmas in (more to come on that!) but in the meantime, I’ll continue getting creative with my small living space!

The key to decorating small spaces for Christmas is to make the most of the space you DO have. I’m going share some tips and tricks to make the smaller areas of your home festive. This décor can be displayed anywhere (regardless of how large or small your home is) but for demonstration sake, I will be showing you how we used these ideas to decorate our bedroom. All items in the post are affordable and were purchased from exclusively from Target and Marshalls. I hope these tips will help make your decorating a little easier this year! All items are linked in the Shop the Post section at the bottom of this post.

Decorating Small Spaces For Christmas

Buy Festive Pillows and Throws

Adding pillows and throws to your bed or couch is one of the easiest ways to decorate for the holidays. Just swap out your normal accent pillows with something fun and festive. My favorite way to decorate for Christmas is with fur, plaids and knits. My plaid pillows are by Ralph Lauren and were a #marshallssurprise ! The fur and plaid pillows are both from Target.

TIP: If you’re hesitant to spend a lot on Christmas pillows (to only display one month a year), go for the fur. Fur is great because you can keep it out past the holidays and through the winter.

Mini Christmas Tree Farm

Create a Christmas Tree Farm 

Each year I end up purchasing a small Christmas tree or two to decorate with. Over the years my collection of cone shaped décor has grown and I now have enough pieces to create a little farm! Use this technique to decorate your coffee table, end tables, shelves or dining room table. One of my favorite places to shop for mini decorative trees like this is Target.

TIP: It’s best to collect trees in different colors, patterns and sizes to create some variety. When displaying your cluster of trees, always use odd numbers – a cardinal rule in interior design!

Decorating Small Spaces For Christmas

Hang Wreaths Inside 

Who says you can only hang wreaths outdoors?! Take your greenery inside and use wreaths to decorate your empty walls! I decided to decorate the space above our headboard with a boxwood wreath. Mine is real (from Trader Joe’s) but I linked a faux version that is identical and can be used year after year. Decorate your wreath with a simple bow or stag head!

TIP: If you purchase a real boxwood wreath, you can remove pieces to create mini wreaths (see tutorial here) or to use as trimmings throughout the rest of your home.

rosemary tree for Christmas

Purchase a Rosemary Tree 

Whether you use rosemary to cook with or not, a mini rosemary tree makes the best end table accent for Christmas. Not only does it look adorable, it also smells heavenly! I like keeping it by our bed so I can fall asleep to the scent. I placed it in a cute little pot which was another Target Dollar Spot find!

TIP: My rosemary tree is from Trader Joes and came shaped like this. If you already have a rosemary plant, take scissors to it and create your own tree! You can use the pieces you trimmed as a garnish on your dinner or cocktails!

Decorating Small Spaces For Christmas

Frame Festive Photos

This is a cheap and easy one! Find some of your favorite photos from past holidays and frame them. I used our Christmas card photo from last year. I surrounded our frame with a cozy red throw and some boxwood clippings (taken from my wreath). My favorite place to purchase rustic frames is from Rustic Decor – they are made from reclaimed wood and have all sizes available.

TIP: The photo is the focal point here so have the scenery and colors match your décor. I suggest using your old Christmas cards. Even scenic photos (of a tree farm or the exterior of your home decorated for Christmas for example) will do the trick!

Decorating Small Spaces For Christmas

Decorate Your Windows

You can make your windows (and window sills) look absolutely stunning for the holidays. It won’t take much to transform this small area.  I used twine to hang three different sized wreaths from my curtain rod. My mini wreaths look beautiful suspended against the view through the window! I purchased the red wreath from Target and made the other two myself. I found this ceramic truck in the Target Dollar Spot (only $3).

TIP: Wreaths are so easy to make so skip the store and make your own! This little green wreath was made with trimmings from the larger wreath hung above my bed (see tutorial here.)

Hang Ornaments From Headboard

Decorate Your Headboard 

I’ve been deprived of a fireplace since moving out of my parents’ house after high school! No fireplace means no mantle. So rather than hanging our stockings “by the chimney with care”, I’m hanging ornaments from our headboard! Depending on how large your headboard is, this could work with stockings too. My favorite ornaments are from Pottery Barn!

TIP: If you have a fabric headboard, simply hang your ornaments with tacks. If you have a flat wood headboard, you can treat it as you would a mantle and purchase some cute stocking holders!

Frame Christmas Cards

Use Ornaments as Decor

Ornaments are not just for the tree! It seems like Christmas ornaments are getting bigger and bigger each year. Take advantage of the larger size and use them to decorate your house! This is one of my favorite tips because not only do you have a million options to choose from but they’re also super cheap! This cute little sled was only $2.99 sold as an ornament at Marshalls. I’m sure it would have cost at least double that if sold as standalone décor.

TIP: Look for ornaments that can stand up on their own and have hanging strings that can be easily removed.

Decorating small spaces for Christmas can be a challenge but is definitely doable. I hope these tips of mine will help bring some festive cheer to your home this holiday season!