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House Update: Our Plans Are Complete!

Our House Plans Are Complete

Blazer: A New Day | Tee: A New Day | Denim: MOTHER

I’m so excited to kick off my House Update series! If you’re new to following along, James and I are in the process of building our first (and forever) home. Our journey began almost two years ago when we found our land – you can read more about that here. We just finalized our plans and will be breaking ground before you know it! I’m looking forward to sharing our journey with you on the blog. Designing our own home is a bit overwhelming and completely new to us – so I may be looking to you all for some advice and inspiration!

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Fair Seas Supply Co.


“Fair winds and following seas” – is what sailors say to bid one another luck and safe travels. It’s also what inspired the name for Fair Seas Supply Co – a California based company specializing in colorful round Turkish towels. I’ve been admiring Fair Seas Supply Co products for quite some time now but just recently learned more about the company and what they stand for. In addition to offering a fabulous product, Fair Seas Supply Co is committed to using sustainable materials. They use Eco-friendly materials for their towels AND packaging. They also take pride in helping to employ American workers, turning to local sew shops to help with the manufacturing process. I have so much respect for this company and their mission to produce a quality, American-made product!

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Say It Is So: Custom Wood Sign

Custom Wood Sign

Custom Wood Sign

Now that James and I are officially building a home, and I can’t help but get excited to decorate it! We just received our very first piece of home decor for the new house and I’m completely in LOVE. This beautiful personalized sign was created by the talented Christina Robinson, owner of Say It Is So. Our sign was handcrafted by Christina, using a stunning piece of reclaimed wood. I had so much fun working with Christina to design an item that will be proudly displayed in our home for years to come!

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We’re Building a House!

Building A House

James and I have some exciting news to share! We are building a house!!!

Last week we closed on a beautiful piece of land in our hometown – it’s absolutely perfect. The land is situated on my favorite street in town, a winding country road lined with farmhouses, rolling hills and beautiful views. Our purchase was formally home to an Arborvitae farm, which made the perfect backdrop for our photo shoot!  These photos were taken over a year ago, when we initially signed a contract for the land. Early in the process we discovered that buying farmland is not as straight forward as purchasing an approved lot. It took over a year from the time we signed a contract to the day we closed on the land. It was a long year, but very much worth the wait. Building a home is my dream come true and I’m so excited to share our journey with you!

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Decorating Small Spaces for Christmas


I live in a condo – a small condo. I love my home but it’s a place that my husband and I are quickly outgrowing. I’m always craving more space especially around the holidays – mainly for decorating and entertaining. Hopefully next year we’ll have a home to celebrate Christmas in (more to come on that!) but in the meantime, I’ll continue getting creative with my small living space!

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DIY Boxwood Wreath


If you follow me on Instagram, you saw the gorgeous boxwood wreath I picked up from Trader Joes for only $9.99! Today I’m showing you how I used my larger wreath to create a matching mini one! That means two pretty wreaths for the price of one! This is a super easy tutorial and should take you no more than 5 minutes to complete. Just follow the steps below to create your own DIY boxwood wreath!

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