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DIY: How To Cut The Hem Off Jeans

How to cut the hem off your jeansHow to cut the hem off your jeansHow to cut the hem off your jeans

Grey DenimBlue Denim

I’ve been getting SO many requests for this tutorial lately! You all want to know how to cut the hem off your jeans. The unfinished denim look has been trending for the past year now…and it’s one of my favorite styles. Last year I realized I could easily create the look with denim I already owned – just by taking a pair of scissors to them! It’s an easy and affordable way to give your old denim a new look. There’s not much to this tutorial – all you need is about 15 minutes and a pair of sharp scissors.

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DIY Distressed Denim

DIY Distressed Denim Jeans 15

Distressed denim is quite possibly my favorite fashion trend EVER. I’ve always loved it. There’s just something about it…chic, yet effortless. The trouble I’ve been having lately is finding the real deal. So many brands have taken their own spin on distressing/destroying in a way that looks fake or too perfect. I prefer my denim to look like it was literally torn, ripped or worn out naturally. So I took matters into my own hands and created my own DIY distressed denim. 

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DIY Marbled Easter Eggs

1 DIY Marbled Easter Eggs Blue and White

Looking for a fun, easy and inexpensive way to decorate your Easter eggs this year? I’ve got the perfect solution: marbling. I’ve seen online tutorials explaining this technique and have always wanted to give it a try. This project was much easier than I anticipated and I love the way they turned out! Keep reading to see how to make your own marbled Easter eggs!

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Wedding Anniversary Gifts

1 Wedding Anniversary Gifts First Paper

Cards | Tag & Twine

James and I just celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary. In celebration of our first year of marriage, we agreed to keep our gifts to one another simple, thoughtful and inexpensive. Little did I know, we would end up having the exact same idea in mind. We surprised each other with traditional anniversary gifts – both made of paper. I love how we started this tradition naturally and I look forward to sticking with it over the next 50+ years.

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