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We’re Building a House!

Building A House

James and I have some exciting news to share! We are building a house!!!

Last week we closed on a beautiful piece of land in our hometown – it’s absolutely perfect. The land is situated on my favorite street in town, a winding country road lined with farmhouses, rolling hills and beautiful views. Our purchase was formally home to an Arborvitae farm, which made the perfect backdrop for our photo shoot!  These photos were taken over a year ago, when we initially signed a contract for the land. Early in the process we discovered that buying farmland is not as straight forward as purchasing an approved lot. It took over a year from the time we signed a contract to the day we closed on the land. It was a long year, but very much worth the wait. Building a home is my dream come true and I’m so excited to share our journey with you!

Our land purchase comes at the perfect time for my family. James and I have been living in a small condo and desperately craving more space and privacy. We are so excited to finally have a home to enjoy together and start our family in. We also love to entertain and are looking forward to the first opportunity we have to host friends and family! The best feature of our land is undoubtably the views. We shot these photos on a overcast day, but when the sky is clear the view from the backyard is gorgeous. I’ve been told we have some absolutely stunning sunsets to look forward to!

The purchase also comes at a perfect time for my blog. I’ve been wanting to diversify my content and venture into the world of home decor.  I plan on taking you along through the process of designing, building and decorating our home. This is the first time either of us have built or owned a house, so we will be looking for help, advice and guidance along the way! I’ll be using Red White & Denim to post updates, share my inspiration and reveal what we learn along the way. Stayed tuned!
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  1. Jen!! So excited for you guys! This property is beautiful! Can’t wait to follow along 💋

    xo Megan |

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