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I’m Jen, the voice behind Red White & Denim.  I was born and raised in Connecticut and can’t imagine living anywhere but New England. I’m completely in love with this little piece of the world! In February 2015, I married my best friend, James (read about our Engagement and our Wedding). My husband and I currently reside in Connecticut and love spending our summers on the CT shore. We are proud parents to the cutest dog in the world, Jackson. I have been working in corporate America since graduating college. As much as I enjoy my job, it’s certainly not my passion. My blog was developed as a creative outlet to document the things I love – particularly fashion, beauty, home décor and New England living.  My goal is to educate, help and inspire my readers through sharing my personal style and everyday experiences… one blog post at a time.  So whether you are seeking advice, inspiration, recommendations or just a daily dose of New England living, I hope you find enjoyment in following along!

Here is a little taste of what you’ll find…


RW&D focuses on casual, effortless, all-American style. My best style advice  is to stick with the classics– they always look great and will never go out of style. Incorporate trends that work for you and your personal style, but don’t  try to do it all. My personal style is all about mixing – classic with trendy, vintage with new, designer with inexpensive. My outfit piece of choice? Anything DENIM.

Living in the New England we dress for the seasons, which means my wardrobe needs to be fashionable AND practical. As a part of my Seasonal Wardrobe Series, I reveal my everyday wardrobe at the beginning of each season – a mix of classics staples and seasonal trends. For the remainder of the season, all my outfits are styled using ONLY the items chosen for my Seasonal Wardrobe. By putting more thought into your purchases, you’re left with a clean, affordable and sensible wardrobe that is a true reflection of your personal style.


I always love trying out the latest and greatest in skin, hair and nail care.  As I try new products, I’ll share my honest thoughts in thorough review. I’ve also had experience working behind the cosmetic counter and as a makeup artist.   I will share with you my tried and true favorites!


Interior design is another passion of mine. I grew up with one of the most talented interior designer I know, my mom. She inspired me to go back to school to pursue interior design and I loved every minute of it.  I tend to gravitate toward traditional New England decor, but love incorporating current trends or unique pieces – preferably vintage or antique items. I would much prefer to refurnish an old piece of furniture or purchase a vintage vase, than buy something new. I love going to tag sales, vintage shopping and can’t turn down a good DIY project!


I take a moment every day to recognize how grateful I am.  I try my best to live life to its fullest, while maintaining a stable, healthy and positive lifestyle.  My family means absolutely everything to me and I invite you to follow us through our everyday lives, adventures and milestones we embark on in the years to come.


I was certainly meant to live in New England.  I am completely in love with its charm, picturesque scenery, and four delightful seasons. Whether you’re interested in a day trip or a long weekend, I will share my favorite places to visit in the northeast and let you in on all must-see stops for food, shopping and attractions!


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