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With busy schedules and not enough time in the day, we often underestimate the importance of a good night’s rest. Sleep is crucial to being productive and feeling your best self throughout the day. I’m lucky that I typically sleep well throughout the night, but my husband’s not so lucky. Even I still have occasional nights that I struggle falling asleep – whether I’m stressed out, feeling crummy or drank too much caffeine throughout the day. Over the years, I’ve done research and tried various remedies to help both my husband and I sleep better. Some have been successful, some not so much. Many of the articles or posts I’ve read are full of unrealistic tips – things that are not practical or that I don’t have time for. I’d love to not look at my phone, computer or TV for an hour before bed, but the reality is that’s the only time I have to work on my blog or catch up on my favorite TV shows. I’d also love to cut caffeine out of my diet – but something needs to keep me going through the day!

I came up with a list of 10 EASY & PRACTICAL tips to help you sleep better, tried and tested by your truly. Each tip is realistic and was easy for my husband and I to adopt as a part of our nighttime routine and has significantly helped improve our quality of sleep.

10 Tips to Help You Sleep Better

1. Invest in a great mattress.

My number one tip to help you sleep better is to invest in a quality mattress. We have no problem spending money on décor to enhance the look of our homes, but let’s not forget about our comfort and well-being! We spend almost half our lives sleeping in our beds, so consider your mattress an investment. My husband and I just received the Beautyrest Black Memory Foam mattress from Mattress Firm. James and I love the feel of memory foam and prefer firm support. The Beautyrest Black is exactly that – firm support that conforms to your body allowing for freedom of movement and pressure-point relief. This particular model also features BlackICE™, a revolutionary cooling technology providing advanced temperature management to help you sleep better.

We’ve been sleeping on our Beautyrest Black Memory Foam Mattress for about a month now and can’t get over the impact it’s had on our quality of sleep. Not only do we fall asleep faster….we STAY asleep. Now that we have a great nights sleep to look forward to, we can’t wait to crawl into bed every night! We’ve been sleeping cool, comfortable and uninterrupted for the past month and its been amazing! If you’re in the market for a new mattress or just looking for the ultimate sleep experience, you have to get into Mattress Firm to try Beautyrest’s newest line! Beautyrest Black mattresses come in a hybrid pillow top options and a variety of firmnesses to meet your sleeping needs.

2. Purchase some comfy PJs.

Figure out what clothing you sleep best in and purchase a few sets. Some of us sleep best bundled up from head to toe while others believe less is more. Be sure to consider the weight and breathability. I prefer soft, loose pajamas – this PJ set is my is my absolute favorite. I own them in a few different colors! Being comfortable in the sheets in key – don’t let your clothing come in between you and a good nights sleep!

3. Drink herbal tea. 

It’s amazing all the benefits that herbal teas have to offer. There are certain herbal teas made specifically to help you relax and rest easy. Look for teas that contain passionflower, chamomile, linden, catnip, lemon balm, scullcap and valerian root – all these herbs are known for their relaxing properties.  I love the organic herbal teas by Traditional Medicinals. I would suggest trying the Nighty Night, Stress Ease, or Cup Of Calm about an hour before bed to help you fall asleep. If you’re looking for something even stronger, give the Nighty Night Valerian a try. You can see the entire line of Traditional Medicinals wellness teas here. If you don’t like the taste of the tea, steep it in small amount of water so you can take it  all in one 1 or 2 big gulps!

4. Keep a pen & notebook by your bed. 

This is a really simple practice that has been a huge help for me. I can’t tell you how many nights I spend tossing and turning in bed, struggling to fall asleep because my mind is racing. I also wake up in the middle of the night with thoughts I hope to remember in the morning. Placing a notebook on by my bed has helped to capture these thoughts. Getting them down on paper will ease your mind and help you fall back to sleep faster.

5. Use essential oils. 

I’m just getting into using essential oils as a part of my daily routine. It’s amazing what the calming and relaxing scents of essential oils can do for the mind and body. I use them in my yoga practice but just introduced them into my nighttime routine. Lavender is one of my favorite scents to use at night. I would recommend getting a diffuser to dispense the calming scent at bedtime.

6. Create some white noise. 

Before meeting my husband I would always fall asleep with the TV on – such an awful habit. When we moved in together he insisted on having a fan blowing in the room every night. I fought it at first but eventually came to love (and now require) the white noise created by the fan. There is something about the constant humming that calms your mind. I suggest getting a real fan (because I prefer the coolness) but there are plenty of noise machines and phone apps that provide the same effect.

7. Take Magnesium at night. 

Magnesium is a supplement known to help with anxiety. As with many other stress relievers, magnesium can also help you sleep better. I began taking magnesium (per a recommendation from my doctor) a few years ago. I take it at night (without any other supplements) about an hour before bed. I take Country Life Magnesium Caps (1 300mg pill per night). Magnesium will help you fall into a nice deep sleep.

8. Set a sleep schedule. 

Just like a baby, we will sleep better if we are on schedule. This means setting a time for bed that you’re willing to stick to all week – including weekends. I’m a night owl so my bedtime is typically between 11-12. This works best for me and my lifestyle AND I’m able to carry it out through the weekend. This also applies to waking up. As much as you may love sleeping in on the weekends, force yourself to get up when you normally would during week. Your body will thank you.

9. Wear a sleep mask. 

So this is one of the best tricks in the book. Light, whether it be natural or artificial, messes with your sleep. If you’re sleep schedule requires you to wake up after the sun rises, try wearing a sleep mask. Before I purchased a sleep mask, the littlest bit of light in the morning would leave me tossing and turning until I was ready to get out of bed. A sleep mask is a great way to block the light coming into your room and the silk feels really nice on your eyes. I even have my husband hooked on these! If you’re not into wearing a mask while you sleep, try darkening shades for a similar effect. (add link)

10. Turn down the temperature. 

Even if it means adding an extra blanket to your bed, keep the temperature low during sleeping hours. Reverting back to tip #1 – if you can get a mattress to aid in cooling the bed, I would suggest that too! Beautyrest Black Memory Foam is featured in both the memory foam and performance cover across the entire collection. BlackICE is near the surface providing a cool, comfortable climate to sleep in.

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Thank you to Beautyrest & Mattress Firm for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.