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12 Classic Holiday Outfit Ideas

Classic Holiday Outfit Ideas

The month of December has flown by – I can’t believe we’ll be celebrating Christmas in just 10 days from today! This is such a fun time of year, but also a busy one! If you haven’t minute to think about what to wear this holiday season, I have you covered! I rounded up 12 of my favorite holiday outfit ideas perfect for all your parties and get togethers! I created a mix of dressy and casual looks to cover everyone’s preferred style for celebrating. I’m keeping all these looks classic with festive colors, plaid, fur, velvet and a little bit of leather! You may notice I used a few of the same items to style multiple looks – I’m all about investing in pieces with versatility!

Keep scrolling for my holiday outfit idea inspiration! You can shop each of these looks by clicking on the product images above each photo.  HAPPY HOLIDAYS!




Christmas Holiday Outfit IdeasVelvet Holiday Outfit IdeaVelvet And Denim Outfit Idea


Christmas Holiday Outfit Ideas

Christmas Holiday Outfit Ideas Black Watch Plaid Pants Outfit Idea


Christmas Holiday Outfit Ideas Christmas Holiday Outfit IdeasChristmas Holiday Outfit Ideas Velvet


Christmas Holiday Outfit IdeasChristmas Holiday Outfit Ideas Over The Knee Boots Cognac Over The Knee Boots Sweater Dress


Christmas Holiday Outfit Ideas Cozy Holiday Outfit IdeaCozy Holiday Outfit Idea


Christmas Holiday Outfit IdeasCasual Holiday Outfit IdeaCasual Holiday Outfit Idea


Christmas Holiday Party Outfit IdeasChristmas Holiday Party Outfit IdeasChristmas Day Outfit Idea


Holiday Outfit Inspiration Christmas Holiday Outfit Ideas


Plaid Holiday Christmas Outfit IdeaChristmas Holiday Outfit Ideas Christmas Holiday Outfit Ideas


Plaid Holiday Outfit IdeaChristmas Holiday Outfit IdeasChristmas Holiday Outfit Ideas


Christmas Fair Isle SweaterChristmas Holiday Outfit Ideas Christmas Holiday Outfit Ideas


Cozy Holiday Outfit IdeaComfortable Christmas Outfit Christmas Holiday Outfit Ideas

If you’d like to incorporate leather into your ensemble, click HERE for more holiday outfit ideas! You can also follow Red White & Denim on Pinterest for more outfit inspiration!


Holiday Shopping Tips

MY OUTFIT: Vest (similar) | Top | Leggings | Hat | Boots | Sunglasses | Bag  MICHELLE’S OUTFIT (of ByQuinn): Dress | Tights | Hat | Boots | Bag | Sunglasses

Holiday shopping can be a lot of fun OR really stressful…you decide! I just finished up my holiday shopping and for the first time in years, I had a completely stress-free experience. I’ve become a self-proclaimed expert shopper so I compiled a list of tips and tricks I use to help navigate the busiest shopping time of the year. With only 1 week left until Christmas, take a moment to read my 10 holiday shopping tips that are sure to make shopping more enjoyable and less dreadful this holiday season!

1o Holiday Shopping Tips

1. Save All Year

Setting a budget for holiday shopping is the key to eliminating stress this time of year because lets be honest, insufficient funds is a great way to put a damper on your shopping day!  In the beginning of the year I determine how much money I’ll need for Christmas gifts and divide that by the amount of paychecks I receive throughout the year. Each pay period I have that amount automatically deducted from my pay. It’s much easier to save a little each paycheck then all at once…and it’s one less thing I have to stress about over the holidays. So as soon as Christmas is over, start saving for next year!

2. Don’t Let The Sales Fool You.

Don’g be fooled by the two ‘biggest sale days’ of the year. I would advise NOT waiting until Black Friday or Cyber Monday to get your Christmas gifts. As a matter of fact, it seems that each year the sales start earlier and earlier. I’ve also been able to confirm that some of my favorite stores offer better deals prior to and after cyber week.

3. Make Shopping Fun

Shopping doesn’t need to be a drag. With outdoor shopping centers popping up everywhere, make your shopping excursion a fun experience. Choose a spot with festive decorations, Christmas music playing and good restaurants for a bite to eat or an afternoon cocktail!

4.Extended Return Policies

This tip is more beneficial to the giftee than yourself – but it’s an important one. Many retailers extend their return policies for holiday shopping. Before heading out to the stores, research the holiday return policies and shop accordingly. If you can extend the return policy for your recipient by a month or two, it’s certainly worth it to purchase within the acceptable timeframe. You would hate for the value of your gift to go down should the recipient need to return your gift…and always remember to get a gift receipt!

5. Make a list

Do yourself a favor and take a few minutes before you head out to write down what you need. Whether it’s specific items or just a list of people you need to buy for, you need something to help keep you on track. There’s nothing worse then getting home from a long day of shopping to realize you forgot something.

6. Shop off-peak hours

One of the best ways to avoid crowds is to arrive when the doors open. It’s likely you won’t be the only one waiting for the doors to unlock, but there will be far less people shopping that first hour of the day then ever. You’re also likely to be the first one in the checkout line for a quick and easy shopping experience. If you’re not able to arrive first thing in the morning, find another time to shop off-peak hours. Even if it means taking some time off work – it will be worth the headache of dealing with traffic and lines.

7. Use your phone

Before heading to the register, hop on your phone to see if the items you’re purchasing are marked down online. Most retailers will price match whatever deals their online shops are offering. It’s a quick and easy way to save a few bucks.

8. Bring A Friend

It never hurts to bring a friend! If you’re as indecisive as I am, it’s absolutely necessary. It’s always nice to have a second opinion, especially when shopping for other people. If nothing else, shopping with a friend provides great conversation and the perfect excuse for a lunch or dinner break!

9. Buy online, pick up in store

Many stores offer a buy online, pickup in-store option. If you don’t have time to shop and want to avoid shipping charges, do all your shopping online and have it shipped to your local store – FREE OF CHARGE. If you know exactly what you want, this may be the best option. Some of my favorite retailers who offer this service are Target, Macys, William Sonoma and Nordstrom.

10. Shop Gift Guides

Stumped on what to buy your friends and family for Christmas? Before heading out to the store, check out your favorite bloggers gift guides to see what they suggest. Almost every blogger I know (myself included) puts together gift guides designed to help you shop for all the important people in your lives. Relieve the stress of picking out the “perfect gift” and let someone else do the hard work for you! You can view my gift guides HERE!

I hope these holiday shopping tips help to make your shopping experience more enjoyable this year! HAPPY HOLIDAYS & HAPPY SHOPPING!



Easy & Affordable False Lashes

Long, dark, full lashes. We all want them, so few have them. For those of you not blessed with naturally voluminous lashes, I’m sharing an EASY & AFFORDABLE way to achieve that full lash look! My secret??? I use single lashes. This technique is very similar to how professional eyelash extensions are applied. The solution is temporary, but works really well. I just use normal eyelash glue (rather than a permanent bonding agent) to apply single lashes – in the same manner extensions would be applied.

I put together a tutorial that outlines everything you need and provides step by step instructions on how to apply easy and affordable false lashes. If you’re more of a visual learner, I also included a video tutorial above! But first, here are a few reason why I prefer individual lashes over strip lashes.


When you’re using single lashes you have the power to decide how long and/or full you want your lashes to look. You can apply as few or as many as you want depending on your mood and the occasion! You can also purchase different length lashes for some variety – they come in short, medium and long lengths.


Traditional strip lashes are uncomfortable and can often affect your vision. Single lashes are much lighter and sit on your lashes, rather than your lid. You won’t even know they’re on!


I’ve never been able to wear strip lashes for more than 1 day – one of the edges always starts to lift off my lid. When using single lashes, each one adheres to your natural lash and will stay there until you’re ready to remove them or they come in contact with water.


Easy & Affordable False Lashes


Short Lashes

Medium Lashes

Duo Lash Glue in Dark


Hand Mirror


Using this particular lash application technique, I always apply full eye makeup PRIOR to adding my lashes. Apply your shadow, liner and mascara. I recommend using naturally waterproof mascara because it makes the removal of your lashes much easier (see my video for more info.) The mascara I recommend is High Impact Curling Mascara by Clinique.


About 5 minutes before applying your lashes, squirt a dot of black glue on a tissue or paper towel. Let the glue dry for a few minutes before you start using it – this will allow the adhesive to get tacky which will help during the application process. I recommend using black glue (not clear) when applying single lashes so that it’s less noticeable when dry.


Use tweezers to grab a single lash. You want to grab as close to the curled end of the lash as possible. Carefully dip the other end in glue (you do not need much). Using your mirror in one hand, place the lash at your lash line directly on top of another lash. You should be able to just drop it into place without much effort (see my video for a tip.)

I recommend applying the short lashes first. Think of these as fillers – they won’t be much longer than your natural lash. Use them to fill in spaces and add volume. Then use the medium lashes to create additional volume and length! Use the medium length wherever you wish, depending on the look you’re going for. I prefer to use them towards the outer corners of my eyes to create a demi-lash look.

Keep applying lash by lash until you receive the desired length and fullness. The first few times you try this, the process may seem tedious. After your 3rd or 4th time it will become much easier and less time consuming – so don’t get discouraged!


Once you’re finished applying your lashes, give the glue a few minutes to dry. You can add an additional coat of mascara to help blend and create an even more dramatic look if you wish. Just be sure the glue is completely dry before taking this additional step.


These lashes are not permanent. The glue you’re using is a mild adhesive not created to withstand water or rubbing. As such, your lashes will only last a few days. As long as you’re careful in the shower and washing your face, they should stay intact for anywhere from 24-72 hours (just be careful sleeping on them!)


As recommended earlier in this tutorial, mascara should be applied prior to lash application. This allows the glue to adhere to your mascara, rather than your naked lash. Therefore the lashes should come off easily when you remove your mascara. I also recommended using NATURALLY waterproof mascara that is designed to be rubbed off in clumps using warm water. It comes off very easily and your false lashes will fall right off with it.

Easy & Affordable False LashesEasy & Affordable False Lashes Easy & Affordable False Lashes


Easy & Affordable False Lashes



NFL Style Gift Guide

NFL Style Gift Guide

Top | Denim | Slippers

I have the ultimate gift guide for all the football fans in your life. This guide covers everyone in the family including men, women, kids and pets! In the video below I’m showing you 14 items from the NFL Shop that I think would make awesome gifts this holiday season. I personally own each of these items and can vouch for how great they are. The video below highlights everything I chose, giving you a closer look so you can decide for yourself what would make the perfect gift for your loved ones. Each item featured in my video is linked further down in this post! Happy Shopping!

GIVEAWAY!!! I’m teaming up with 2 of my blogger friends (and fellow NFL fans!) to offer one lucky winner a $300 GIFT CARD TO THE NFL SHOP…just in time for holiday shopping! To enter, click HERE!

NFL Style Gift Guide


Football Fan Gift Guide


Throwback Pullover | Winter Beanie


Onesie | Baseball Cap


Jersey | Baseball Cap | Thermal | Socks | T-Shirt


Jersey | Chew Toy


Tumbler | Stemless Glasses | Water Bottle

GIFT WRAP TIP: Tie up your NFL Shop gifts with festive ribbon a NFL team Ornament!

NFL Style Gift GuideNFL Style Gift Guide NFL Style Gift Guide

To see more gift ideas for the entire family – check out my NFL Gear For The Family post!

Thank you to the NFL for sponosiring this post. Check out #myNFLFanStyle and create your own look at NFL


Styling A Sweater Dress From Day to Night

Styling A Sweater Dress From Day to Night

OUTFIT 1: Dress | Scarf | Hat | Boots | Bag | Sunglasses  OUTFIT 2: Dress | Boots | Similar Bag | Sunglasses

What’s better than a cozy sweater this time of year??? A cozy sweater DRESS! I found the perfect one at an affordable price from Nordstrom…and its wool-free! Sweater dresses are one of my favorite pieces to wear this time of year – they’re incredibly versatile and easy to style.

Today I’m giving you some ideas for styling a sweater dress from day to night – because any wardrobe piece you can transition that easily is a great investment! One of my favorite ways to wear a sweater dress is with tall boots. If you’re looking for a casual everyday look, throw on a pair of Hunters and cozy knit hat. If you’re planning a night out, pair your dress with over the knee boots and dressy handbag. Whichever look you choose…one things for sure, you’ll be warm and comfy all day/night long!

Keep scrolling for my take on styling a sweater dress from day to night, just by swapping out your shoes and accessories! For another casual sweater dress outfit idea, click here.


Styling A Sweater Dress From Day to NightSweater Dress Outfit Idea Styling A Sweater Dress From Day to NightWhat to wear with a sweater dress Styling A Sweater Dress From Day to NightWhat to wear with a sweater dressSweater Dress Outfit IdeaStyling A Sweater Dress From Day to Night


Styling A Sweater Dress From Day to NightThe perfect sweater dressStyling A Sweater Dress From Day to NightStyling A Sweater Dress From Day to NightCognac Over The Knee BootsSweater Dress and Over The Knee BootsWhat to wear with a sweater dressStyling A Sweater Dress From Day to NightStyling A Sweater Dress From Day to Night


How to Style A Fair Isle Sweater

How To Style A Fair Isle Sweater

OUTFIT 1: Sweater: Old Navy | Shirt: J. Crew (similar) | Denim: Madewell | Booties: Jeffrey Campbell (similar) | Bag: Mark & Graham | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

OUTFIT 2: Sweater: Old Navy | Denim: Levi’s | Boots: Hunter | Hat: J. Crew | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

Did you know the term “Fair Isle” refers to a traditional knitting technique originating on a tiny island in Scotland? While a genuine Fair Isle knit may be difficult to get your hands on, most brands offer some iteration of this popular patterned knitwear. Characterized by multiple colors and geometric patterns you can sport this seasonal trend in the form of seaters, leggings or accessories.

Fair Island inspired patterns are festive and cozy making them perfect choice for the holiday season. I recommend choosing a muted or neutral color palette for easy styling. My Fair Isle sweater is no original, but the beautiful black, white and grey pattern is a close alternative. To make the most of this bold winter pattern, I’m showing you how to style a Fair Isle sweater two ways this holiday season!

FUN FACT – this classic pattern first became popular back when the Prince of Wales started wearing Fair Isle sweater vests back in 1921. There’s something to be said about a trend that’s still around almost 100 years later!

How To Style A Fair Isle SweaterHow To Style A Fair Isle SweaterHow To Style A Fair Isle Sweater How To Style A Fair Isle SweaterHow To Style A Fair Isle SweaterFair Isle Sweater Outfit Idea

How To Style A Fair Isle Sweater Fair Isle Sweater Outfit IdeaHow To Style A Fair Isle SweaterFair Isle Sweater Outfit Idea How To Style A Fair Isle Sweater Fair Isle Sweater Outfit Idea

For more on how to style a Fair Isle sweater, click here!



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